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Contact PCHA

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 760
Alpine, NJ 07620


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  • Nozar Naghani  says:

    Thank you for the informative website.
    I live in NJ and would like to be in touch with other Iranians here.
    If you have a mailing list, please add my email address:

  • Marzie Nejad  says:

    Dear Nozar
    PCHA was created to promote friendship and Persian culture around 40 years ago. and in a great way was successful. but its founders grow older, needs interested Iranians from younger generation take over and keep this organization alive and active. so i welcome you, hope and encourage you to join the crowd that have been following this nonprofit organization. i just posted informations for our new year celebrations Chahar Shanbeh Souri and Nowruz. Your name also will be posted on our email list. I hope you can come and we know you better.and you can meet other people of your type. if you like you can send some more info about yourself to arrange your seating in accordance with that info. My Name is Marzie Nejad, MD and i am currently PCHA administrator

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